Check out my Pinterest board: Blended learning resources for K-12 teachers

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Several of my friends and colleagues use Pinterest to curate and share ideas with one another. I must admit that I had never tried Pinterest until I started working on this week’s assignment to create a Pinterest Board about blended learning. Pinterest is an excellent tool that both students and teachers can use to curate many different types of resources. In my case, I decided to make a board that contained links to some of the most common web sites, apps, and extensions that teachers in my district use in their blended 1:1 Chromebook classrooms.

I think curating resources is an excellent example of active learning. A savvy teacher might employ a tool like Pinterest (or, for younger students, perhaps Symbaloo or Thinglink) to give students practical, real-world experience with reviewing, evaluating, and organizing resources on a topic of particular interest to the student. A student would need to employ higher-order thinking skills when designing a Pinterest board, which would enhance both retention and motivation (Northwestern Iowa Community College, 2011).

What’s more, an online curation tool like Pinterest can also help students extend their learning beyond the classroom. A sufficiently motivated student might seek similar Pinterest boards built by others around the world to gather new ideas and/or inspiration. For example, a couple of colleagues in my office use Pinterest to share knitting and crochet patterns. In addition to patterns, they also pin photographs of their knitting projects, YouTube video tutorials about special stitch techniques, favorite yarn brands, and online vendors who sell tools and materials. When people share so many resources with one another, they might create an authentic community of practice, which Padget (2013) defined as a collection of people who share a common passion for excellence. My co-workers are highly motivated to improve their own knitting techniques, while at the same time helping their friends on Pinterest do the same thing. Imagine if a student could, by using Pinterest or a similar online curation tool, find the same connection to peers with shared learning interests and passion for excellence!


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